2016 Old 900 Syrah


Deep purple-black.  Dark black and blue fruit on the nose, Olallieberry and boysenberry.  Dusty garden herbs-Thyme, sage-impart a delicate tea-like quality to this otherwise bold aroma.  Full and plush in the mouth, with ripe tannins that build richness on the finish

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The Old 900 Syrah is built on the Alban-1 clone grown in the coolest spot in the vineyard.  This is the thinnest soil in the estate, resulting in extreme stress on the vines and the earliest harvest date of any of our reds.  1103P rootstocks eke out a tough existence in this rocky environment.  Yields average 2.3tons/acre, amongst the leanest on the vineyard.  The Alban-1 was picked early-October, a few weeks later than usual.

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