2013 Sun Worshipper


A first for Alta Colina.  This Mourvèdre-driven blend shows off why Alta Colina is an ideal site for this late-ripening Rhône variety.  Our altitude and sun exposure ripen our hilltop Mourvèdre block to its fullest potential.  Taste it and know for yourself!


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Debut vintage of our Estate Mourvèdre blend.  Mourvèdre is a variety we’ve wanted to highlight for years and we are thrilled with the result.  Our latest ripening variety, this grape spends most of its time in the background as one of the three classes components of our GSM blend.  After years of farming and blending Mourvèdre, Bob determined that it deserved its own wine because Alta Colina Vineyard is an ideal site to ripen it.  Unlike most other Rhône-centric sites, our altitude and sun exposure helps this grape achieve true ripeness and boy is it good!

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