2013 Old 900 Syrah


Classic Syrah aromas decorate this black and intensely powerful wine – spice, tar, black pepper, lavender, and turned earth. Slightly drying in the front of the mouth, the wine immediately shows off its structure and longevity, but this develops into a plush, mouth-filling finish densely packed with ripe plum and black fruit.


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The Old 900 Syrah is built on the Alban-1 clone grown in the coolest spot in the vineyard. This is the thinnest soil in the estate, resulting in extreme stress on the vines and the earliest harvest date of any of our reds. 1103P rootstocks eke out a tough existence in this rocky environment. Yields average 2.5 tons/acre, amongst the leanest on the vineyard. In 2012 the Alban-1 came in quite early, driven by intense vine stress. For the first time, we blended one of our ENTAV clones into the Old 900 to provide weight on the mid-palate.

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