Alta Colina

Vineyard Professional Services

John Crossland

John Crossland formed Vineyard Professional Services (VPS) in 1997. He came to Paso Robles after 11 years farming grapes in the Napa Valley where he was a senior member of the legendary Beckstoffer Vineyards.  VPS has thrived with its ability to operate from vineyard planning/conception right through to full production. John was one of the architects of Alta Colina Vineyard, ensuring that we took maximum advantage of the site.

Dean Harrell

Dean Harrell is a VP at Vineyard Professional Services, and more importantly, a vine biologist extraordinaire. He came to VPS after 5 years of organic farming in New Mexico, preceded by harvests in Northern California vineyards. Dean holds both BS and MS degrees in Viticulture from UC Davis. Dean is the man on the ground at Alta Colina Vineyard. He is there virtually every day and knows the nuances of our vines better than anyone else. With his bent toward organic farming, Dean farmed portions of Block 2 and 11 organically for the first 8 years, and migrated the entire vineyard to organic practices in 2013.